Lectionary Theme Education that based on Divine Grace. Education Sunday
04 Sunday
First Lesson Prov 2:1-15
  Second Lesson Jas 3:13-18
  Epistle Col 1:24-29
  Gospel Matt 7:24-29
Lectionary Theme Sevika Sanghom Day ‘Women: Defenders of Faith
11 Sunday
First Lesson 1Sam 1:20-28
  Second Lesson 2Tim 1:1-8
  Epistle Acts 16:11-15
  Gospel Mark 16:1-7
Lectionary Theme Senior Citizen Day – ‘Care to the Elders’
18 Sunday
First Lesson Gen 47:1-12
  Second Lesson 2Tim 4:9-18
  Epistle Eph 6:1-7
  Gospel Mark 7:6-13
Lectionary Theme We believe in the Christ who will come again
25 Sunday
First Lesson Exod 3:1-15
  Second Lesson Acts 1:1-11
  Epistle 1Thess 4:13-18
  Gospel Matt 25:31-40
Lectionary Theme
First Lesson
  Second Lesson