Lectionary Theme Good News for All Humanity . (Outside Kerala Mission)
01 Sunday
First Lesson Isa 52:7-12
  Second Lesson Acts 13:44-52
  Epistle Rom 1:8-17
  Gospel Matt 28:16-20
Lectionary Theme Danha (Epiphany) Baptism of our Lord
06 Friday
First Lesson Isa 42:1-9
  Second Lesson Phil 2:5-11
  Epistle Heb 2:14-18
  Gospel Matt 3:13-17
Lectionary Theme Body: Temple of God to be kept in Holiness (Temperance Day) (St. Stephen s Day)
08 Sunday
First Lesson Dan 1:1-9
  Second Lesson 1Cor 6:12-20
  Epistle 1Thess 5:4-11
  Gospel St. Lk. 11:33-36
Lectionary Theme Fruitful Christian Living
15 Sunday
First Lesson Isa. 5:1-7
  Second Lesson Col.1:3-13
  Epistle Gal. 5:16-26
  Gospel John. 15:1-11
Lectionary Theme Unity of the Churches God’s will
22 Sunday
First Lesson Eze.37:l5-23
  Second Lesson Eph. 2:14-22
  Epistle 1Cor. 3:1-9
  Gospel St. John. 17:18-26
Lectionary Theme Republic day of India-Christian Participation in Nation Building
26 Thursday
First Lesson Neh.2:11-18
  Second Lesson 1Cor. 10:23-33
  Epistle 1Pet.2:13-17
  Gospel Mat.5:13-16
Lectionary Theme Trust in the providence of God
29 Sunday
First Lesson 2 Chro. 32:9-23
  Second Lesson 1 Pete. 5:7-11
  Epistle Phil. 4:4-8
  Gospel St. Mat. 6:19-34
Lectionary Theme Beginning of Three Days Fast
30 Monday
First Lesson Jona. 1
  Second Lesson Col. 3:5-11
  Epistle Rom.15:24-33
  Gospel St. Mat. 7:1-12
Lectionary Theme Repentance
31 Tuesday
First Lesson Jona. 2
  Second Lesson Rev. 3:14-22
  Epistle Gal. 5:16-24
  Gospel St.Mat.24:36-46
Lectionary Theme Promise of the Holy Spirit
21 Sunday
First Lesson Isa.59:20-60:3
  Second Lesson Acts.1:12-14
  Epistle Eph.6:10-20
  Gospel St.John.16:5-13