Lectionary Theme Beginning of the Fifteen Days Lent
01 Tuesday
First Lesson Dan. 1:1-21
  Second Lesson 1John.3:l-12
  Epistle Rom. 12:19-21
  Gospel St. Mat. 5:38-41
Lectionary Theme Mission Sunday- The feast of Transfiguration-Glorification of the Messiah Through death (10th Sunday after Pentecost)
06 Sunday
First Lesson Exo.34:29-35
  Second Lesson 2 Pet.1:12-21
  Epistle 2Cor.3:5-11
  Gospel St.Luk.9:28-36
Lectionary Theme Holy Qurbana - Commemoration and the Experience of the Salvific Event (11th Sunday after Pentecost)
13 Sunday
First Lesson Gen. 14:17-24
  Second Lesson 1 Cor. 10:14-22
  Epistle 1 Cor. 11:23-34
  Gospel St. Mark. 14:22-25
Lectionary Theme Independence Day of India - End of the Fifteen Days Lent
15 Tuesday
First Lesson Exo. 23:1-9
  Second Lesson Acts. 15:1-11
  Epistle Gal. 5:1-6
  Gospel St. Luke. 6:20-26
Lectionary Theme Reformation Sunday Life: To be Reformed through the word of God. (12th Sunday after Pentecost)
20 Sunday
First Lesson 2 King. 23:1-6
  Second Lesson 1 John. 2:14-17
  Epistle Heb.4:12-13
  Gospel St. Luk. 8:9-15
Lectionary Theme Called to be the Light-Church in the Pluralistic Society (13th Sunday after Pentecost)
27 Sunday
First Lesson Isa. 60:1-10
  Second Lesson Acts.10:9-16
  Epistle 1 Pet. 2:1-10
  Gospel St.Mat.5:13-16