Lectionary Theme Beginning of the New Academic year Grow in the Divine Wisdom. Medical Aid offertory of the Clergy (1stSunday after Pentecost)
04 Sunday
First Lesson 1Kig.3:3-14
  Second Lesson 1 Cor.1:18-25
  Epistle Eph.1:15-19
  Gospel St.Luke.2:41-52
Lectionary Theme Enviornmental Sunday - To till and keep
11 Sunday
First Lesson Gen.2:4-15
  Second Lesson Rev.22:1-5
  Epistle Col.1:9-20
  Gospel St.Luk.12:24-27
Lectionary Theme Beginning of the Fast of Apostles. call and selection of the Disciples
16 Friday
First Lesson Jere.1:1-12
  Second Lesson Heb.10:32-39
  Epistle 1Cor.12:27-31
  Gospel St.Luke.6:12-19
Lectionary Theme Worship: Celebration of the Faith (3rd Sunday after Pentecost)
18 Sunday
First Lesson Isa.6:1-8
  Second Lesson Rev.4:1-11
  Epistle Eph.3:14-19
  Gospel St.Luke.18:1-14
Lectionary Theme Discipleship: call for mission (4th Sunday after Pentecost)
25 Sunday
First Lesson Jere.1:1-11
  Second Lesson Acts.9:1-15
  Epistle 1 Timo.1:12-17
  Gospel St.Mark.3:13-19
Lectionary Theme St.Peter’s and St.Paul’s Day- End of the Fast of the Apostles)
29 Thursday
First Lesson Jos.1:1-9
  Second Lesson Gal.2:1-10
  Epistle 2Tim.1:3-12
  Gospel St.Mat.20:25-28