Lectionary Theme Hosanna - (Theological Seminary day) Jesus’ entry in to Jerusalem the alternate style of kingship
2 Sunday
First Lesson Zech. 9:1-12
  Second Lesson Heb. 5:5-10
  Epistle Col. 1:15-23
  Gospel St.Mat. 21:1-17
Lectionary Theme Passion Week
3 Monday
First Lesson Isa.63
  Second Lesson
  Epistle Heb. 2
Lectionary Theme
4 Tuesday
First Lesson Num.21:1-16
  Second Lesson
  Epistle Eph. 2
Lectionary Theme
5 Wednesday
First Lesson Lev.16:1-28
  Second Lesson
  Epistle 1Pet.4
Lectionary Theme Passover Thursday- Jesus Christ broken for the Salvation of the world.
6 Thursday
First Lesson Exo.12:1-20
  Second Lesson Heb.9:1-12
  Epistle 1Cor.11:23-26
  Gospel St.Mat.26:17-29
Lectionary Theme Good Friday - The Salvific Death of Jesus Christ and the Invitation to bear the Cross.
7 Friday
First Lesson First Service Isa.53 1Pet.1 St.Mat.26:47-75
  Second Lesson Second Service Zach.13 St.Mat.27:1-44 Gal.3
  Epistle Third Service Num.21:1-9 St.Mat.27:45-56 Heb.3:1-19
Lectionary Theme Holy Saturday
8 Saturday
First Lesson Isa.56:1-6
  Second Lesson 2 Cor.1:1-7
  Epistle Rom. 6:1-11
  Gospel St. Mat. 27:62-66
Lectionary Theme Easter Sunday - The Celebration of New life
09 Sunday
First Lesson Isa.60:12-22
  Second Lesson 1Cor.15:42-58
  Epistle 1Cor.15:20-28
  Gospel St.Mark.16:1-8
Lectionary Theme Jesus Christ who Restores (First Sunday after Easter)
16 Sunday
First Lesson Gen.32:22-32
  Second Lesson Col.3:1-11
  Epistle Col.1:15-23
  Gospel St.John.20:24-29
Lectionary Theme Jesus Christ who Transforms Human Situations (2nd Sunday after Easter)
23 Sunday
First Lesson Gen.18:1-10
  Second Lesson Rom.12:9-16
  Epistle Heb.13:1-8
  Gospel John.21:1-14
Lectionary Theme Resurrected Lord the Co-Traveller (3rd Sunday after Easter)
30 Sunday
First Lesson Exo.40:34-38
  Second Lesson Act.27:27-37
  Epistle 2Cor.1:3-10
  Gospel St.Luke.24:13-35