News::Metropolitan Message:Metropolitans Message: January 2015

The commendable achievement of the Indian scientists in the successful completion of the ‘Mangalyaan (Mars Spacecraft) Mission’ has helped millions of Indians to fly high the Indian tricolor at its zenith in their minds.

News::Metropolitan Message:Metropolitanís Message: April 2015

India celebrated its 66th Republic Day on January 26. Gandhiji envisioned India as a Kingdom of God  (RamaRajya) comprising the whole humanity. The constitution of India is founded on the principles of equality, fraternity, secularism and democracy. It was Gandhiji’s great dream that those who were on the margin should come to the forefront of society. We have had such Presidents from such a groups.

News::Metropolitan Message:Metropolitanís Message - Messenger, July 2015

Peace-loving people (pacifists) and philanthropists everywhere are deeply saddened by the increasing tendency of the violation of human rights and the rise of religious fanaticism threatening the sense of security in the world. It is high time for the faith community to respond in a Christian manner, when we witness the scenes of brutal killing of innocent people. The horrible scenes of genocide are telecast through social media. The social media, nowadays, are full of scenes of such atrocities.

News::Metropolitan Message:Metropolitanís Message October 2015

Our motherland India has been hailed as a nation of religious tolerance and harmony from time immemorial. It is by the redemption of this sense of fraternity that Kerala ought to become God's own country in its true spirit. In some of the temples in South Kerala, the procession preceding the festivals start after paying respect (giving obeisance) at the gate of an ancient church.

News::Metropolitan Message:Message from the Metropolitan Ė February 2016

Our Suffragan Metropolitan Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Thirumeni left for his heavenly abode on Sunday, 27th of December 2015 at 5:52 pm. Thirumeni has rendered exceptional leadership in the avenues of ecumenism, church unity initiatives, medical care and education. The services that Thirumeni has provided in forums like the World Council of Churches (WCC) and National Council of Churches in India (NCCI) will remain in the collective memory forever.

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