News::Conference:Europe Regional Family Conference -2015

The 33rd UK & Europe Family Conference started on Friday, August 21, 2015, and ended on Sunday, August 23, 2015. Many lives were transformed and touched by God’s Holy Spirit through this conference.

News::Conference:Diocesan Conferences - 2015

The Church is to be the Hope for Humanity. Speaking from Acts 3:1-10, Dr. Sham P. Thomas said that the Church should provide: (i) a new gaze-inviting people to look at the renewed leadership (ii) a new Gab- a new expectation of faith in Jesus Christ and (iii) a new Grip- a new touch to connect and partner with people. Thus the diocese should enable the lame to leap and praise God.

News::Conference:28th Midwest Regional Youth Conference

The 28th Regional Youth conference of the Midwest region was held from December 26-29th ,2014 at the Miracle camp centre in Michigan state. The Theme of the Conference was “SEMPER FI” meaning ‘always faithful’ taken from 2Timothy 2.11-13. Dr. Shaun Rajan was the main Speaker and the other sessions were led by the Achens of the Midwest region and Ms. Nisha Philip. 176 delegates from the parishes in the region attended the Conference.