News::Bishop Messages:Witnessing the Divine Revelation

It is our bounden duty to express our faithfulness to God. We firmly believe that as the members of the Mar Thoma community, we are a called out people and are placed in a foreign land with a purpose to fulfill. Our task therefore is to live Christ through our lives and witness Christ through our action or service. The generation that struggled in establishing the Mar Thoma community in these nations are slowly phasing out. The new generation may strongly feel that they are the sons of the soil as citizens of the nations they live. Therefore the terms such as migrants or Diaspora community may not be relevant to them. Being the Mar Thoma members of a particular nation may give a new identity to them. However the culture and ethos becomes more related to the living context. How to address this phenomenon and integrate everyone under one umbrella is a challenge that we face in the Diocese of North America and Europe.

News::Bishop Messages:Message of the Diocesan Bishop June 2016

Every day is a new day. It is the day God has given us. Often one wonders, ‘is it good news that awaits me in the dawn to listen, or is it any unexpected incident that causes confusion and sadness’? Today people who long for peaceful lives are asking the question, ‘where are we heading to’? After the brutal and heinous killing of people, unaware and without any provocation, in Orlando, Florida and the natural calamity through the wildfire at Ft. Mc Murray, Alberta which burned hundreds of homes down and forced the evacuation of thousands of residents, this becomes more relevant.

News::Bishop Messages:Message of the Diocesan Bishop

The Christian community, these days observes the events of the Ascension of our Lord and the Pentecost experience of the early church. The presence of the risen Christ and the hope given during the commissioning were very much an encouraging experience to the disciples and the faithful early Christian community

News::Bishop Messages:Message from the Diocesan Episcopa January 2015

2014 has been an eventful year. The new Diocesan Assembly met, and the new Diocesan Council has started functioning with the help of subcommittees to bring fresh attempts and new beginnings in the various diocesan activities. We are the body of Christ in the given space and time.

News::Bishop Messages:Message from the Diocesan Episcopa April 2015

The “Resurrection of Jesus” is an event which the Eastern Churches celebrate more than anything else regarding the life and work of Jesus Christ. It made the whole difference in the life of the disciples who witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus and the burial of the body in the tomb under the seal of the Roman government.

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