Message of the Diocesan Bishop June 2016Date : 14-07-2016

Message of the Diocesan Bishop

Dearly beloved,

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Every day is a new day. It is the day God has given us. Often one wonders, ‘is it good news that awaits me in the dawn to listen, or is it any unexpected incident that causes confusion and sadness’? Today people who long for peaceful lives are asking the question, ‘where are we heading to’? After the brutal and heinous killing of people, unaware and without any provocation, in Orlando, Florida and the natural calamity through the wildfire at Ft. Mc Murray, Alberta which burned hundreds of homes down and forced the evacuation of thousands of residents, this becomes more relevant. Of course it points to the need for changing the mindset of an individual or a group towards a positive outlook and to get everyone involved in the peace building process. At this juncture, while we express our solidarity with the loved ones of the victims and to those of the injured, we have to pray that the power of goodness may prevail over the evil minded.

Jesus Christ reminded the faithful, ‘do not be anxious’. For God knows every need of His creation and considers every human being with more value than all other created beings. The call therefore, is to seek first the Kingdom of God, which will in turn free us from all our anxieties. The word of God exhorts the believers to ‘put your trust in the Lord’. God expects from His followers a total submission and asks them to live and serve in obedience to His will. As the worshipping community, we need to know the depth of the Divine providence. How wonderful it is to be in the safe arms of our Lord! A caring and loving God always invites us to be in His bosom and to learn from Him and also to experience the warmth of His fellowship. Hence our life becomes worship to God, praising and thanking Him for His wondrous works.

Let the Spirit of God continue to strengthen every community to be diligent in knowing His will and walking in His way. The power of the Holy Spirit will motivate everyone to overcome evil by good. We are committed to uphold the true spirit and promote the worthiness of life. It is our prayer that peace and harmony may prevail among all people to fulfill the work of God in this world.

With Prayers and regards,

 Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos