Message of the Diocesan BishopDate : 31-05-2016

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

The Christian community, these days observes the events of the Ascension of our Lord and the Pentecost experience of the early church. The presence of the risen Christ and the hope given during the commissioning were very much an encouraging experience to the disciples and the faithful early Christian community. The promise given at the time of Jesus’ ascension into heaven was a comforting one giving new vision to move on as witnesses of our Lord. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the power received were occasions of renewed strength.

It reminds us of the fact that, God never fails and that He always keeps His promises.

 I am sure this is the experience for many of us in our lives. The disciples who were renewed and reinstated went around and proclaimed the Gospel, and they were known as ‘people who turned the world upside down’. They received the power of the Holy Spirit, who was with them as their Counselor, who made their life journey more fruitful and rewarding. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide us to carry on God’s mission with renewed power. God who created the heaven and the earth is the Giver of life and He is involved in the life-promoting act in history. Jesus Christ is the expression of God the Father, in giving life in its fullness. He gave His life for the sake of all humanity and the world, so that all will have life in abundance. 

There are occasions when we feel that life is in danger. The systems and structures of the world often destroy life. The need is to commit oneself to protect life by all means. Life with peace and justice is very much evident in the biblical understanding of the created order. The emergence of structures that promote violence and injustice become a threat to life and to a just society. Religious groups and civil society together need to address the issue of right living by overcoming economic and social injustice, by creating a political will to keep peace and justice in our communities. 

Thank God for the good things that we receive and the wonderful ways of divine guidance. The North America and Europe Diocese is blessed with its commitment to uphold the Gospel values and the life-affirming mission initiatives. We continue the process of revitalizing the existing systems in operation and start new ventures as our response to the needs of the people and as our commitment to the word of God. It is our wish and prayer that the spirit and enthusiasm that of ‘Pentecost’ will keep the church as a movement, that keeps our journey forward moving with courage and conviction. We value very much the participation of the faithful members and achens. I am happy to welcome the new achens who have joined the Diocese this year. May God continue to guide us in our task of building the community, and in serving the people, looking towards Jesus the pioneer and perfector of life.

With prayers and regards,

Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos, 

Diocesan Episcopa.